New November Artist

We’ve got new art up at Caffe Driade! Work by visual artist, Harrison McSwain will be up the entire month of November.

Harrison McSwain is a self-taught multi-disciplinary artist and a Chapel Hill native with a background in automotive restoration and a love for all things creative. Currently he is focused on refining his work in order to create with more intention and have a better understand of what expression means to him both as individual and as an artist. The current works on display represent a personal study of color theory and applied motion. By branching out of his comfort zone which is primarily focus on symbolism and representational art, he has enhanced his ability to create with a more organic approach. The subject matter of each piece represents one or multiple emotions; at the same time applied with knowledge of the chemical processes of each of the materials being used as they react during the curing stages. The materials used during each creation: epoxy resin, alcohol inks, pearl pigments, acrylic & enamel paints, Automotive finished, Metallic flake, and various pigmented oil based solvents.

Stop by to check out his work!

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